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Disposition Alternatives

When you receive a non criminal citation you have three (3) options:

Option 1:
By paying the civil penalty, you are admitting guilt and you will be assessed points on your driving record for moving violations. The Clerk's Office must receive your payment within 30 calendar days of the date the officer issued the citation. You may pay by cash, check, money order, or a third party vendor for MasterCard/VISA/American Express. Please note that this vendor charges a service charge for processing your transaction and forwarding the funds to our office. See www.myfloridacounty.com for more information.

Option 2:
If you choose the Basic Driver Improvement Course option, judgment is withheld, the cost will be adjusted and points will not be added to your driving record. You must sign an affidavit requesting a BDI Course and submit it with payment within 30 days. A $7.00 affidavit fee will be added to your fine pursuant to F.S. 28.24(8). It is your responsibility to provide the Clerk's Office with the Certificate of Completion from the BDI Course within 90 calendar days of the date the officer issued the citation. If the certificate is not received, your license will be suspended.

Option 3:
Request a Hearing. You must complete and submit a written not guilty plea and request for infraction hearing to the traffic department. This packet is only available at the clerk's office and there will be a $28.00 fee pursuant to F.S. 28.24(8). When you request a court hearing, you give up your right to pay the civil penalty amount or to choose the driving school option. The judge may find you not guilty in your case. However, if the judge finds you guilty, you may be fined from $500.00 to $1,000.00.

Please note: Once you have chosen an option you cannot change your mind and choose another option.