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Recording / Official Records (FS 28.24) Effective July 1, 2008
Recording, indexing and filing any instrument 14" x 8.5"  
Record Fee
First page $10.00
Each additional page or fraction thereof $8.50
Documents that contain more than 4 names, per additional name $1.00
Examining, certifying & recording plats & condominium drawings  
Record Fee
First page $30.00
Each additional page $15.00
Documentary Stamps  
Record Fee
Deeds: Per $100 property valuation under $100 property valuation $0.70
Mortgages & Modifications, per $100 consideration $0.35
Agreements & Contracts for Deeds, per $100 purchase price $0.70
Intangible Tax  
Record Fee
Intangible Tax, per $100 consideration $0.20
Declaration of Domicile  
Record Fee
Record Declaration of Domicile $10.00
Notarize Declaration of Domicile $5.00
Sign and Seal Declaration of Domicile $3.50
Total $18.50
Please note the Clerk's Office charges $5.00 for every notary certificate that is completed.

Note that these charges include statutory amounts as well as local ordinance amounts, that these amounts do not include statutory late fees or license reinstatement fees that are added to delinquencies, and that all traffic schools charge their own fee for the classes.

Download the Property Transfer Information Form here.

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