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Fees - Service Charges

Service Charges FS 28.246
Effective July 1, 2011
Description of Service Cost
Service Charges 2011
Examining, Comparing, Correcting Verifying & Certifying Transcripts in Appellate Proceedings $5.00
Preparing, Numbering & Indexing Original Record of Appellate Proceedings $3.50
Certifying Copies in Public Record $2.00
Verifying an Instrument Presented for Certification Prepared by Someone Other than the Clerk of Court $3.50
Copies by Photographic in Public Records Not More Than 14" by 8 1/2" $1.00
Copies by Photographic in Public Records More Than 14" by 8 1/2" $5.00
Microfilm Copies 16MM 100' Court Only $42.00
Microfilm Copies 35MM 100' Court Only $60.00
Microfiche Court Only $3.50
Copying Other Than Photographic Process Writing Paper Other Than Specifically Mentioned Including Copying Signing and Sealing $7.00
Oath, Administering, Attesting and Sealing $3.50
Validating Certificates $3.50
Exemplified Certificates, Including Signing & Sealing $7.00
Authenticated Certificates, Including Signing & Sealing $7.00
Issuing & Filing Subpoena for a Witness $7.00
Signing & Sealing Only $2.00
Approving Bond $8.50
Searching Records / Per Year $2.00
Sealing any Court File or Expungement of Record $42.00
Receiving & Disbursing all Restitution Payments $3.50
Notary Fee up to $10.00
Foreclosure Sales $70.00
Motor Vehicle Repair Act $10.00
Transfer of Lien $42.00
Drivers License Records: 3 year record transcript $14.25
Drivers License Records: 7 year record transcript $16.25
Searching Driver License Record: No record found on file $8.25

Credit Card Charge Notification

There is a non-refundable convenience fee to provide credit card services.
This convenience fee is charged by MyFloridaCounty.com.
This may be done at www.myfloridacounty.com or
by calling our office at 850-926-0350/926-0311.

Your credit card statement will display the vendor name of MyFloridaCounty.com for billing details.
For information on refunds or for general inquiries, please call customer support at 877-326-8689.

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